The emergence of Salesforce Lightning in 2020 revolutionized the market, offering organizations a user-friendly platform with remarkable capabilities. Many businesses, including prestigious institutions like Stanford University, have leveraged Salesforce Lightning to generate substantial revenue. As you may have heard about Lightning Bolt from Salesforce Customer Success Managers or encountered Bolt listings on the Salesforce AppExchange, you likely have questions and uncertainties about Salesforce Lightning Bolt solutions. Let’s uncover the answers to these intriguing questions.

Creating Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solutions:

If you possess a custom application, Lightning community template, or a flow category ready for distribution, you are primed to create a Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solution. With Lightning Bolt solutions, you can seamlessly combine business process flows, custom Lightning apps, Lightning community templates, and distributable packages.

Understanding Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solutions:

Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solutions offer a robust framework for rapidly deploying next-generation portals and communities. They enable you to build and distribute industry-specific solutions, initiating new functions for your organization. By deploying highly personalized communities and establishing mobile portals quickly, Lightning Bolt Solutions enhance customer engagement.

What is Salesforce Lightning Solution?

Salesforce Lightning Solution refers to an innovative framework that empowers organizations to design captivating communities and portals. It allows partners to effortlessly create customer-facing websites integrated with Salesforce, eliminating confusion and streamlining operations.

The Lightning Bolt solution combines Lightning template pages, customer Lightning applications, and business processes in a distributable format. You can configure automation, reuse personalized communities, and share solutions on the AppExchange using Salesforce Lightning Bolt. Furthermore, the Lightning Bolt solution allows you to publish applications without relying on Lightning community templates.

Key Components of Salesforce Lightning Solution:

Salesforce Lightning Solution comprises the following elements:

  1. Lightning Community Templates: These templates encompass theme layouts, CSS, content layouts, and Lightning components. Instead of exporting the entire template, you can export specific components, layouts, and community pages.
  2. Flow Category: Flow categories consist of multiple flows bundled together for related business processes.
  3. Custom Application: Custom applications enable the creation of solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Lightning Bolt Solution:

Step 1: Create a community and make necessary modifications by accessing “Community Settings” in Setup. Enable communities and select a domain for your community.

Step 2: Export the community template. After making all desired changes, access “Settings” and click on “Developer.” Ensure all required details are filled in.

Step 3: Build Lightning Bolt Solutions. These solutions cater to specific functions and industries, incorporating business processes and customized apps.

Step 4: Select the desired template for export and click “Finish.”

Differentiating Lightning Bolt from Third-Party Apps:

Understanding the difference between Salesforce Lightning Solutions and third-party applications can be challenging for those familiar with the Salesforce ecosystem. While some apps may offer similar features to Bolts, several traits set Bolts apart. Bolts are not stand-alone solutions but rather accelerators designed to integrate with Salesforce functionality to achieve desired outcomes. Unlike third-party apps, Bolts do not require recurring licensing fees or post-install upgrades. Instead, they entail a one-time install fee, providing you with more control over intellectual property.

Salesforce Lightning Bolt for Your Business:

Salesforce Lightning Bolts offer two significant advantages: industry-vetted solutions and cost savings. Prior to Lightning Bolts, businesses seeking industry-specific solutions outside of Salesforce’s standard products had to develop them from scratch, often requiring substantial investment in time, effort, and money. With Salesforce Lightning Bolts, you gain access to pre-built industry-specific solutions based on best practices, ensuring a customized and high-quality product.


Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solutions empower growth-driven companies to transform their ability to provide exceptional, personalized customer experiences. By leveraging Salesforce Lightning Bolt, businesses can enhance the customer journey, boost user engagement, and support their overall organizational goals. Don’t wait any longer to explore the world of Salesforce Lightning Bolts and discover the perfect solution that will propel your business forward. Experience the power of Lightning Bolt and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.