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  • August 12, 2021

Interactive Video Conferencing Platform for Coaching Sessions


This case study presents the implementation of a web application platform for Customer, a company specializing in live-streaming interactive coaching sessions. The project aimed to create a customized interactive video conferencing platform (IVCP) that allows individuals to register as coaches and offer coaching sessions in various sports or activities. Additionally, individuals seeking coaching can register as students and book sessions based on the coach’s availability. The web application was designed to facilitate real-time interaction and learning between coaches and students.


Customer encountered the following challenges prior to the implementation of the web application platform:

  1. Limited access to expert coaching: Individuals often struggled to find and connect with expert coaches in their desired sports or activities.
  2. Lack of real-time interaction: Traditional coaching methods lacked the ability for coaches to demonstrate recommended changes in real-time and observe students implementing the advice.
  3. Scheduling coordination: Coordinating schedules between coaches and students proved to be difficult, especially when trying to find convenient session times for both parties.


To overcome the challenges, Customer developed a web application platform that provided the following key features and functionalities:

  1. Coach registration: Individuals with expertise in various sports or activities could register as coaches on the platform, indicating their availability and coaching specialties.
  2. Student registration: Individuals seeking coaching could register as students, specifying their preferred sports or activities and desired session durations.
  3. Session scheduling: Coaches could set their available time slots on the platform, allowing students to book coaching sessions within those time frames.
  4. Interactive video conferencing: The platform incorporated an IVCP, enabling live-streaming interactive coaching sessions. Coaches and students could join the sessions in real-time for a predetermined period.
  5. Real-time demonstrations and observations: Coaches utilized webcams to demonstrate recommended changes, while students had the opportunity to implement the advice in real-time, facilitating immediate feedback and improvement.
  6. Instant and pre-scheduled sessions: Students could choose to instantly book available coaching sessions or pre-schedule sessions for future dates, offering flexibility and convenience.
  7. Notifications and reminders: Automated notifications and reminders were sent by the platform to coaches and students, keeping them informed about session bookings, updates, and cancellations.

Technologies Used:

The web application was developed using the following technologies:

  • Frontend: React, Redux
  • Backend: Node.js
  • Database: PostgreSQL

Benefits & Value Delivered:

The implementation of the web application platform yielded several benefits for Customer and its users:

  1. Access to expert coaching: The platform connected individuals with expert coaches in their desired sports or activities, providing access to high-quality coaching that was previously difficult to find.
  2. Real-time interaction and feedback: The IVCP allowed coaches to demonstrate recommended changes in real-time, while students could implement the advice and receive immediate feedback, fostering an enriched learning experience.
  3. Convenient scheduling: The platform’s scheduling system facilitated efficient coordination of schedules between coaches and students, ensuring convenient session bookings.
  4. Instant and pre-scheduled sessions: Students had the flexibility to book instant coaching sessions when coaches were available or pre-schedule sessions for future dates, accommodating their preferences and availability.
  5. Enhanced skill development: The interactive nature of the coaching sessions facilitated rapid skill development and improvement for students, resulting in enhanced performance in their chosen sports or activities.


Through the development and implementation of the web application platform, Customer effectively addressed the challenges associated with accessing expert coaching and enabling real-time interaction. The platform’s features, including coach and student registration, session scheduling, interactive video conferencing, and real-time demonstrations, offered a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking coaching. Customer and its users experienced convenient scheduling, instant and pre-scheduled session options, and improved skill development. By leveraging the IVCP and integrating features that fostered real-time interaction and feedback, Customer provided a dynamic and effective coaching experience.

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