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  • AI & ML Solutions
  • August 12, 2021

Automatic Gate Control System with License Plate Recognition


Organisations and establishments requiring enhanced convenience and security at entry points.


To develop and implement an automatic gate control system that provides seamless access control and recognizes licence plates for efficient entry management.


1. Gate Control System:

  • Development of an automatic gate control system for entry places requiring protection and security.
  • The system operates automatically, minimising manual efforts.
  • Integration of artificial intelligence and modern PCs with high-quality CCTV cameras.
  • Video frames containing visible car licence plates are captured and processed.

2. Training the ML Model:

  • Acquisition of Images:
    • High-resolution cameras with infrared capabilities are used to capture vehicle photos round the clock.
    • Front images of vehicles are collected, ensuring minimal reflections and optimal camera angles.
    • Cameras are triggered to capture photos of passing vehicles using radar or motion detection.
  • Image Annotations:
    • 10,000 sample images are collected for training.
    • Annotations for these images are created using labelling applications, preferably in XML format.
    • Annotations provide detailed information about objects, including height, width, angle, path, and label name.
  • Training:
    • Multiple neural networks are employed to train the annotated images alongside their respective XML files.
    • The trained model detects number plates from recorded video frames.

3. Predictions:

  • Image Enhancement and Pre-processing:
    • Captured car images are processed using Python libraries to enhance their quality.
    • Pre-trained models are applied to the frames to detect licence plates.
    • Skewness of objects is checked to improve the accuracy of number plate recognition.
  • Database and Results:
    • Recorded videos are saved, including the captured number plate information, in a database.
    • Results are stored in CSV format, including incoming and outgoing cars’ image frames.


  • The automatic gate control system significantly enhances convenience and security at entry points.
  • The system achieves a recognition rate of approximately 90% for vehicles, indicating high efficiency.
  • Efficient licence plate recognition enables effective entry management and access control.


  • Improved convenience and security for organisations and establishments.
  • Streamlined access control with minimal manual efforts.
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency in licence plate recognition.
  • Detailed records of incoming and outgoing vehicles for better monitoring and analysis.

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