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  • August 12, 2021

Streamlining Cart Page for an ISP Provider with Complex SKUs

Business Drivers:

  1. Lack of visibility in SKU combinations to generate accurate quotes.
  2. Need for guided selling to boost revenue.
  3. Tedious management of SKUs and pricing matrix.
  4. Absence of attendee intelligence and measurement of ROI.


The ISP provider based in the US implemented a comprehensive cart page solution to address their business challenges. The solution involved the following steps:

  1. Salesforce CPQ Configuration: The company configured Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution, leveraging its core features such as New Quote, Renewals, and Amendments.
  2. Customization of Product Attributes: The product attributes were customized based on the specific needs of the ISP provider, enabling accurate SKU combinations and streamlined quote generation.
  3. Approvals and Workflow: The cart page was designed with customized approval processes and workflows to align with the business requirements of the ISP provider.

Business Impact:

The implementation of the comprehensive cart page solution had a significant impact on the ISP provider’s operations:

  1. 1000+ Sales Users Utilizing Cart Page: The cart page provided a centralized platform for sales users to generate quotes with accuracy and efficiency. Over 1000 sales users utilized the cart page, streamlining the quote generation process and ensuring consistency in SKU combinations.
  2. 70% Increase in Productivity Hours: The streamlined cart page solution resulted in a notable 70% increase in productivity hours for sales users. With simplified SKU management and guided selling, sales teams were able to generate quotes more quickly and focus on revenue-generating activities.
  3. Zero Inaccurate Quotes with Wrong SKUs: Prior to implementing the cart page solution, inaccurate quotes with incorrect SKU combinations were a challenge. However, with the comprehensive solution in place, the ISP provider achieved a significant reduction in inaccurate quotes, ensuring greater accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Through the implementation of a comprehensive cart page solution, the ISP provider based in the US successfully addressed the challenges associated with different lines of business and complex SKUs. By leveraging Salesforce CPQ and customizing the product attributes, the company achieved greater visibility in SKU combinations, guided selling capabilities, simplified SKU management, and improved accuracy in quote generation. This case study highlights the importance of tailored solutions to address specific business needs and the transformative impact of streamlining the cart page for complex SKU management.

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