Use of RPA in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare service providers perform multiple procedures such as managing billing, claims, patient on boarding, collecting test reports from patients, providing prescriptions, etc. on a daily basis. Most companies take the help of their manpower to perform, manage, and monitor these tasks manually, or some use off-the-shelf software. Either way, it makes the entire procedure excessively time-consuming, complex, and error-prone. Not only this, healthcare firms have to be compliant with various rules and regulations to prevent hefty fines or legal action. But, not anymore.

The RPA technology has changed the healthcare industry drastically. Using RPA, healthcare firms can automate all afore-said time and labor-intensive procedures of repetitive nature with no scope of errors. RPA bots can store, manipulate and manage data, process transactions, connect with other devices, and initiate response to generate expected results, and avoid errors.

Following are some effective use case of RPA in the healthcare industry-

Streamlining Patient Appointments

Healthcare firms implement RPA in an application to schedule patient appointments based on diagnosis, demographics, locations, availability of doctors, and other defined criteria.

Faster Bill Processing & Settlements

You can use RPA bits to calculate bill amounts accurately, including the test costs, medicines, wardroom, doctor fees, etc., which otherwise takes hours to fetch and manage.

Quick Claim Management

Healthcare firms can use RPA for processing data fast for insurance claims.

Managing Discharge Information

RPA bots can accurately follow the discharge guidelines, and send reminders to patients about their upcoming doctor’s appointments, their prescription pick-ups, and any scheduled medical tests.

Data Management during Audits

Healthcare firms can use RPA-driven software to record data and generate reports to facilitate the audit process.

Manage High Volume Workflow

An RPA software can easily manage and coordinate cases, healthcare, manage patients, bills, records, claims, and also perform remote monitoring to ensure there is no room left for error.

All these use cases not only make the entire processes better, but also help healthcare firms create a better experience for their patients, cut down employee cost, and boost revenue.

The Road Ahead

Many healthcare firms are working on innovative ideas to implement RPA in healthcare. Undoubtedly, RPA implementation takes a good amount of time and effort, but the outcome pays back really well. AITACS specializes in developing RPA-powered solutions for the healthcare industry, and can help you automate any tedious process that is slowing down your operations, and costing you heavily.

About AITA Consulting Services

AITACS has been providing high-end, advanced IT solutions and services since its inception in 2006. The company specializes in Automation technology, and has a team of certified engineers to build industry-leading automation tools using RPA technology. Reach us today to learn how can you use this technology to make your business process more efficient and explore new revenue opportunities, please contact us at

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