• AITACS has a streamlined procedure to address the IT recruitment and Staffing services, by adhering to hassle free procedures. We are specialized in planning and taking forward all kinds of technology staffing requirements and help the clients to get the best of best talent within short notice.

      We provide IT staffing for various skill sets, demanding recruitment levels and immediate job requirements

      Cost effectiveness is a promise of our work culture

      High quality and productivity with transparency all over

      Quick turnaround time without quality compromise

      Easy adaptation to trending technologies

      Fast staffing response time process with low level of risk at client's end

      Clearly defined recruiting terms and conditions

      Matured management with high governance rate

      Aita’s engineering team comprises of SMEs in specific domains such as Energy, Utilities, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Pharma and Life sciences. Apart from a strong domain knowledge they also have STEM degrees from leading universities.

      MSP/VMS programs bring the advantages of standardization, cost savings, and SLA-measured results to your staffing process.

      Aita Consulting Services, Inc. is a U.S. specialty staffing supplier to vendor-neutral MSP/VMS clients. Our methodology embraces the efficiency of MSP/VMS/VMO programs and leverages their capability to minimize client cost and maximize response time, coverage and compliance. An industry-specific Dedicated Account Management Team, with a single point of contact, deals directly with you to ensure that candidates we submit have the experience, credentials and talent to perform at the highest level and are also matched to your business climate and goals.

  • Diversity

Strategic Consulting Services

Strategic Consulting Services

AITACS knows the right pulse of technology impact on various business models and how it can deeply alter the way of working & customer interaction. We have a unique and highly collaborative approach, where strategy thrust and technology thrive together. We always work proactively in identifying the right solutions for your organization with a smarter approach, promising high efficiency and productivity at the end of the lane.

Our specialized IT strategic services, showcases the top notch ability of scaling our limits as per market trends and turns, by keeping the investments always within optimized frames. AITACS frequently partners and collaborates with various application and data organizations, which helps us in delivering the fastest pilot applications, AI based machine learning models, and real time analytics during the strategy and planning phase.

We always work on heels in addressing your IT requirements with well-planned and implemented architectural and operational phases, where we dive deep in understanding your limitations and technology scope. We provide you with the industry best technology based strategic solutions which pave the perfect path to trigger your business productivity since from the day 1. AITACS competes with the top notch industries in implementing our experience and expertise in a right way to get the industry best results in implementing your idea with right strategies.

Do you have a plan? We know the path to Progress…

Our flexible methods always stand as the best in class approach to tailor your needs as per the current trends. We travel with you in each of your milestones in attaining the desired heights with optimized costs. AITACS have been the partner of choice for many renowned organizations in developing their ideas into the real world projects. 

How can we help you?

  • 1

    Tailored Roadmap Development

    A fully focused business experts and specialized IT Consultants help you to develop a roadmap and digital transformation strategy tailored to your project needs. AITACS examine your business model and provide Strategic initiatives which include new business application systems and IT capabilities, upgrades, IT infrastructure improvements, IT organizational changes or restructuring, IT process improvements, IT governance structures, and risk management programs.

  • 2

    Agile Methodologies

    Continuous transformation with high level visibility in consulting, Digital transformation, Analytics and Development workflows.

  • 3

    Digital Transformation of Application Development

    We implement the industry best AI based application development procedures. Also, AITACS ensures digital transformation from the core application level.

  • 4

    Infrastructure Development and Maintenance

    AITACS makes sure to deliver the best with minimal efforts, including cost and time investments. We take care to design and maintain the infrastructures as per the demand.

  • 5

    Driving DevOps

    Efficient cross platform collaboration and accessibility is our core expertise.

  • 6

    Information Management

    Security is best practiced in handling the information and all the related governance strategies.

  • 7

    QA Strategies

    From best practices to top notch advisory services which include Managed Test services too, we provide the best possible productive suggestions to our clients.

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If you ever get stuck in a situation to choose the best Strategic IT consulting plan, then we are here to help you out.

Our Approach

Gathering Project Requirements

  • We take down each and every detail of IT project specifications and requirements initially. A first step to start a new success curve.

Analyzing The Scope and Cost

  • We dwell deep in analyzing the time taken, scope and cost invested in choosing the right methods to kick start the journey.

In Depth Research

  • We have special research approach, where digital intelligence plays a vital role in gathering the required staff, tools and technologies.

Pre Consulting Assistance

  • Services like IT staffing, Infrastructure support, Cloud assistance, Designing, Developing, Testing and Maintenance are provided with top standards.

Post Consulting Support

  • We never leave your hand in assisting the project deliverables even after successful deployment. We track the progress of every process and monitor the productivity.

Why to choose us?

  • We have a special focused services for your geographic expansion, new acquisitions, increasing productivity or even for launching new products and services
  • A transparent and high visible working methodology
  • Digital assistance is guaranteed at every step
  • Assured customer satisfaction with 24/7 support
  • We map your business goals with real time technology trends

If you have a plan? We know the path to Progress…