Automation has been a trending business word in recent times. RPA tools work 24/7 without ever getting tired or bored. Events from COVID-19 and the business disruptions it has caused globally will only highlight the need for more automation wherever possible in war footing. Over the past few years, Automation has reduced the need for expensive human resources to be deployed in repeated business processes in various industry verticals and has resulted in increased cost savings worth billions of dollars and gaining efficiency and new revenue opportunities while freeing up human resources to help in higher value functions. RPA tools and technologies have matured so much recently that it can perfectly mimic even complex sets of actions effectively and efficiently. The replication of well defined sequential actions along with GUI inputs are possible with the best in class Robotic Process Automation products such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Blue Prism.

We at AITACS are inspired with this revolution in Automation technology and strive to be a leader in RPA service offerings. We have many certified engineers with industry experiences serving fortune 500 clients using the popular RPA tools. We empower our clients by bringing the power of automation to their business processes and helping them derive value of huge cost savings along with process efficiency.

Our Approach to Developing RPA solutions

We clearly define the scope of RPA process upfront in terms of both a) automating repetitive processes to reduce human labor as well as b) utilizing this opportunity to gain efficiency gains and tapping new revenue opportunities. Our clients know what we will be aiming to achieve with each automation process before we write even a single line of code.

Our RPA solutions and services guarantees 100% accuracy on all the defined business workflows. We provide an iterative approach that assures delivery excellence on an automated process.

Reliability refers to the consistency of a measure. A test is considered reliable if we get the same result repeatedly. Our RPA solutions guarantee achievement of the same result every single time in a reliable manner. Consistency is achieved through thorough testing of our RPA process.

We are experts in using agile methodology to develop our RPA solutions thereby accelerating the speed at which we deliver value for our clients. Within a few days, we can automate even complex processes. We ensure an on-time product delivery with high efficiency.

Our 5 B Process of RPA Implementation

  • 1

    Building the Business Process Automation:

    Our core research team dwells deep into the client requirements and designs a clear and understandable roadmap. Our next key steps of building the required RPA services are always well defined. We take care of every minute detail which can act as an asset while designing the automated models and promise to keep our time and cost within the estimated boundaries.

  • 2

    Bridging the Automated Assistance

    We make sure to rely on the experienced and expert professionals of our clients’ team in understanding the current processes. Our automation engineers model the automation journey in collaboration with these experts. We combine this knowledge with our own expertise in automation industry best standards and policies to achieve great results.

  • 3

    Broadcasting Assessment & Due diligence:

    We adhere to the concept of developing POCs for each of our automation processes. We care about the clients, who trust us in building the next-generation projects. We make sure to guide our customers only towards proven ways of success that will give tangible benefits in an incremental manner.

  • 4

    Best Solution Designs and Validation

    We gather our client’s requirements first, and then start building the product roadmap accordingly, promising 100% client satisfaction without fail. We also make sure that the client travels with us in every stage of design, development, so that we are agile in our ways of customer engagement. Our instant validation process helps in eradicating the huge rework and unnecessary time and cost investments.

  • 5

    Benefitting Hyper Automation

    We integrate the process of automation with real-time technologies which enhances and accelerates the ability to automate the workflow. We integrate our solutions with high-end components that include AI, Process Mining and Business Analytics.

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Industries We Serve


  • Clinical Data Extraction for healthcare professionals
  • Insurance Approvals for Healthcare procedures
  • Self-service Stations for Hospitals
  • Processing healthcare credentials and payroll


  • Error free data processing and data management
  • Preparing clinical trial and compliance reports
  • Accelerating clinical trials and approvals
  • Clinical trial recruitment and data management
  • Drug and medical device release protocols

Human Resources

  • Employee leave and attendance record tracking
  • Salary increments and deductions
  • Generation of salary statements and reports
  • Voice and Chat assistance

Customer Service

  •  Analysing Data Management and Data Migration
  •  Processing product returns, exchange and deliveries
  • Refunding Amounts
  • Handling customer queries
  • 24/7 Customer interaction

Supply Chain Management

  • Monitoring Incident Management
  • Driving the Delivery Delay statements and Escalations
  • Administrating Change Requests for Transportation
  • Responsible of Shipment status and product deliveries
  • Planning of Supply and Demand

Finance and Accounting

  • Managing Travel Expense and Transportation Status
  • Handling Payments and invoice reminders
  • Managing the banking process of lending, clearing and processing
  • Generation of payment orders

Energy and Utilities

  • Automated meter readings
  • Automated Meter changing
  • Controlling processes