• AITACS has a streamlined procedure to address the IT recruitment and Staffing services, by adhering to hassle free procedures. We are specialized in planning and taking forward all kinds of technology staffing requirements and help the clients to get the best of best talent within short notice.

      We provide IT staffing for various skill sets, demanding recruitment levels and immediate job requirements

      Cost effectiveness is a promise of our work culture

      High quality and productivity with transparency all over

      Quick turnaround time without quality compromise

      Easy adaptation to trending technologies

      Fast staffing response time process with low level of risk at client's end

      Clearly defined recruiting terms and conditions

      Matured management with high governance rate

      Aita’s engineering team comprises of SMEs in specific domains such as Energy, Utilities, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Pharma and Life sciences. Apart from a strong domain knowledge they also have STEM degrees from leading universities.

      MSP/VMS programs bring the advantages of standardization, cost savings, and SLA-measured results to your staffing process.

      Aita Consulting Services, Inc. is a U.S. specialty staffing supplier to vendor-neutral MSP/VMS clients. Our methodology embraces the efficiency of MSP/VMS/VMO programs and leverages their capability to minimize client cost and maximize response time, coverage and compliance. An industry-specific Dedicated Account Management Team, with a single point of contact, deals directly with you to ensure that candidates we submit have the experience, credentials and talent to perform at the highest level and are also matched to your business climate and goals.

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This approach demonstrates the implementation of a comprehensive gallery application based on AI to handle business card images. The fundamental objective of this application is to provide an automated interface for performing PAN card image processing, text extraction of details. Over time, the widespread use of smartphones has resulted in the exponential growth of data. Despite the recent advancements in computing, storage techniques, and image processing, there is still a demand for highly optimized information retrieval methods. Form filling in the banking domain with their personal information is a time-consuming and tedious task. The proposed Application presents an alternative approach by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based on python libraries and neural networks. The system needs to collect necessary information from Pan Card images and use it to fill forms. This system helps in avoiding typos typical in manual entries as well as it fills the form within a short time.