Media & Communications

Media & Communications:

In a deadline-driven industry like media, it’s critical that time-sensitive projects be completed and delivered on schedule. The industry needs highly skilled practitioners in areas such as digital convergence, content delivery, multi-platform mobile support, social media and customer loyalty initiatives as well as seasonal resources such as customer service agents to attract and service their customer base. Emerging technology areas such as Cloud computing, IP-enabled triple/quad play, mobile commerce, business analytics, LTE, online security and CRM continue to drive digital convergence and content to customers.

We provide expertise and solutions for:


  • LTE
  • Network Security
  • Mobile Apps
  • RF Engineering
  • Hardware Design and Testing
  • VOIP
  • Smart security and Infrastructure 
  • (Network mgmt., VPN, Cloud, etc.)


  • Content Aggregation
  • Content Management, Editorial and Content Administration
  • Content Delivery System
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Digital Asset Management
  • User Experience
  • Analytics, Web and Mobile
  • SEO and Enterprise Search
  • Collaboration Portals
  • Mobility
  • Maintenance Services