Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning services and solutions are coined as the miracle subset of Artificial Intelligence, which is enhancing the present digital revolutionary world in every possible corner by clubbing the excellence with efficiency and enhancing the business standards to new heights with promised productivity and quality enhancements. Machine Learning powered with AI, serves as a key asset in analyzing the patterns, understanding various behaviors and addressing digital challenges in a most smart and convenient way possible.

AITACS has the real potential in understanding the client’s necessity for a power packed Machine Learning service and suggests the most suitable technology or tool which best addresses the challenge. We also help in accelerating the execution times, learning process and the implementation investments by automating the crucial concepts of business flows by helping the organizations to analyze, understand and predict the revenue growth with much accuracy.

Our Areas of Expertise:

Deep and Supervised Learning: Our AI enabled Machine Learning triggers the mechanism of deep learning with high attention provided with smart techniques, where examples are taken as the basic inputs and further supervised learning is leveraged best accordingly. The Learning process includes the recognition of tags, classes and other specification by achieving high end accuracy.

Predictive Analysis: Our team collects and categorizes the data, which helps in making the vital decision of any business flows with a robust mechanism of predictive analysis concept which helps in understanding the upcoming threats and benefits beforehand, which acts as a preventive step for the various organizations. We build confidence with quality as a trusted Machine Learning service provider.

Data Modeling and Data Mining: Our Machine Learning Data models, Data monitoring and Data Science concepts enhance the quality of data all through the process with top notch data modeling concepts allowing the key business heads to concentrate solely on business innovation and development. 

Our Core 6 C Process Flow of Machine Learning:

1.     Checking the Opportunities: We at AITACS always work on heels in finding new opportunities of digitalization with Machine Language, where innovation matters the most. With the same intention, we tend to check the client ecosystem to understand where our expertise can work and benefit them the most with Al enabled optimized solutions.

2.     Collecting the Data: Our team performs a deep analysis and understand the data from various resources to get a clear and transparent picture of business flows and the behavior of revenue numbers.

3.     Cleansing the Data: We implement various top Machine Languages trending technologies to filter the data and segregate it as per different notion for further easy processing of accumulated data

4.     Constructing the Models: We construct the data models depending on the business need and automate the crucial flows by embedding them with high performing AI tools and technologies.

5.     Conveying the Deliverables: We deliver the desired data models enabled with robust AI and ML technologies, assuring the productivity enhancement at each level.

6.     Collaborating cognitive Intelligence: AITACS strives to power up the potential of Artificial Intelligence services by integrating them with the cognitive intelligence tools and technologies, which results in increasing the scope of Machine learning application in various industries.

Industries We Serve:


·        Customer Attention and Interaction

·        Prediction of Sales and Trends

·        Fraud detection and Intimation

·        Voice and Chat assistance


·        Analysing the trends and upcoming turns of Finance sector

·        Automated Customer service

·        Automated Advisory services

·        Fraud Detection , Prevention and Pattern Recognition

·        Personalization of Customer Accounts


·        Predicting the customer interests

·        Analyzing the product performance and market research

·        AI and ML-enabled interactions

·        Content Curation

·        Personalized cross-channels interactions


·        Automated Health Monitoring

·        Managing Medical Records and Other Data

·        AI-supported consultation, diagnosis and treatment

·        Automated Nursing assistants development


·        Automated Teaching and Admin Panel

·        AI based smart content generations

·        AI mentoring and guiding

·        Personalized learning