Lead Scoring and Grading in Salesforce

Lead Scoring and Grading

In this modernized era, every company wishes to have a prospective sales team, that can successfully achieve the targeted results. It takes both expertise and experience while predicting, planning, and programming the market reach for any business product/solution.

Identifying the right customers and turning them into prospective clients is the crucial key play here. But the current sales trends are gone too far to be predicted by using the traditional methods. There is a dire need for a smart solution, which can help the sales team to bring their predicted numbers into reality.

It takes a handful of practice knowledge and proactive thinking to analyze the market behavior. There are many established methods and even new proposals every day to trigger your sales. In this article, we would like to focus on the current trending terms of marketing, Lead Scoring, and Lead Grading.

The Lead scoring selenium is the most effective methodology to quantify a lead quality from a “fit” or a “need” perspective, making it very simple to constantly engage with the sales-ready leads.

What is Salesforce lead scoring?

The lead predicting system assigns a predefined point lead against each action, which may turn into a lead. The actions may include site searches, page views, landing pages, email actions, webinars, videos, etc. Here, each main action carries predefined triggers and points.

Here’re a few examples:

  • Site Searches – Lead searches show their priorities and interest.
  • Page Views – Compared with a career page, a pricing value page has higher value points.

Most of these actions are carried under Sales Funnel as it gives leads based on their actions and the respective points keep increasing to a predefined point called hot prospect. It is very important to understand when a lead is in contact with the sales process, the salesperson has to prioritize his effort, time, and resources to focus on the desirable lead profile on the sales funnel. A salesperson doesn’t embrace reaching out to the product page on the first visit.

Lead scoring in Salesforce uses brilliant algorithms and artificial intelligence to predict the lead score by analyzing lead patterns. Lead scoring determines the prospects that add more value to the company. Besides, it saves a lot of effort, time, and resources.

Benefits of Salesforce lead scoring:

  • Useful sales predictions
  • Improved sales productivity
  • Preventing sales funnel dropouts
  • Enhanced lead management processes
  • Improved sales productivity
  • Higher lead quality
  • Huge reduction in manual efforts
  • Better lead nurturing

What is lead grading?

Lead grading is an automatic evaluation of inbound leads with a letter grade based on various factors. Grading matches the customer of your company via leads from marketing to sales. There are n number of factors considered while setting up a lead grading system, like the lead scoring process, including lead’s industry, location, company size, and job title.

Whether it is lead scoring or lead grading, both are effective while being used in tandem to ensure that only the best and qualified leads get passed. Salesforce offers automated, customizable solutions for lead scoring and lead grading that includes marketing automation solutions. In order to attain a powerful user experience, Salesforce lead scoring integrates with the CRM platform. 

How does Salesforce lead scoring work?

Researchers found that more than 60% of leads are sent directly to the sales team without any prior lead qualification strategies. The sales team ignored about 70% of them, which led to a downfall in the company’s lead scoring. Hence, it’s essential to have a proper bridge between marketing and sales teams. Nowadays, companies are focusing more on social listening and ad targeting. That’s why Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is the right choice which has all the features like SMS targeting and Social studio.

Each company has different prospects and approaches with different customers and products. So, it’s better to create a custom model to attain a well-structured lead scoring system. Although lead scoring takes effort, it is beneficial for marketing teams. In the sales funnel, the lead earns points for any action, and each action has a defined point value. After reaching a certain point, the lead falls into the valuable prospect list.

Predictive analytics in lead scoring:

Predictive analytics is a technique used to predict futuristic events. It uses machine learning, data mining, and modeling. The best time to concentrate on predictive lead scoring is when a well-formed lead scoring model is in the right place for the company. Targeting contacts or accounts outside and within the CRM of the company are the popular use case of predictive analytics and it is not a one-time activity.

Traditional lead scoring vs. Predictive lead scoring:

Basically, the traditional lead system allows people to work based on their decision-making skills. The marketing and sales team employees decide which customers to focus on as per their experience and skills. 

On the other hand, a predictive lead scoring system does the work based on customer and data interactions. Along with Artificial Intelligence, it needs lots of data to search the customers, who can be considered as hot prospects. That’s why the companies that are using predictive lead scoring analytics succeed in gaining customers.

Scheduled Maintenance:

Regularly scheduled maintenance play a vital role for lead scoring to become successful. Marketing and sales team should never miss to check on the following, to determine which method can work effectively for them.

 Parts of the Sales Funnel

  • Is there a new action, part, or tool, like a free tool or online demonstration that needs to be added?
  • Is the sales funnel still the same as they were analyzed?

Form Fields:

  • Is there any required data/information that’s not used by the sales?
  • Are the lead generation forms simple?

Latest Data:

  • Have analyzed the right actions and metrics?
  • Has the information/data changed in purchasing funnel paths or patterns?


Start implementing lead scoring strategies that generate more qualified leads for the sales team and provide deeper insight into lead behavior and activity. Lead scoring is completely based on the behavior of a lead. So, a smart on-time move can land you on a successful platform.

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