How does Salesforce Lightning Bolt accelerate customer experience?

Salesforce Lightning struck the market during the pandemic year 2020. The platform has been accepted since then for its ease of use and capabilities. Many organizations use the Salesforce Lightning platform; Stanford University is one of those, which has made a whopping revenue of 1000M Dollars.

You may have heard the buzz about Lightning Bolt from a Salesforce Customer Success Manager, or you may have seen ‘Bolts’ that are listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. But, yet you have many doubts and questions about Salesforce Lightning Bolt solutions. Let us unveil run the answers for all those interesting questions.

Do you have at least one custom application, Lightning community template, or a flow category to distribute? Then you are ready to create the Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solution. Using Salesforce Lightning Bolt solutions, you can easily combine the business process flow, custom Lightning apps, Lightning community templates, and distributable packages.

Lightning Bolt Solution is an excellent framework for quicker deployment of next-generation portals and communities. It enables you to build and distribute various industry-specific solutions to initiate new functions for the organization. It is deploying and delivering highly personalized communities and establishing mobile portals quickly. 

What is Salesforce Lighting Solution?

Salesforce Lightning Solution can be defined as the brand new framework that adds strengths to the organization by carefully designing incredible communities and portals. It enables partners to create an exciting customer-facing website with a few clicks and integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, saving you a lot of confusion and trouble.

The Lightning Bolt solution combines Lightning template pages, customer Lightning applications, and the business processes in a distributable format. You can configure automation; reuse visualized personalized communities and can share solutions on AppExchange with Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solutions. Besides, the Lightning Bolt solution enables you to publish applications without using the templates of the Lightning community.

Salesforce Lightning solution is the combination of the following items:

  • Lightning community templates
  • Flow category
  • Custom application

Lightning community templates: These templates include theme layouts and CSS, content layouts, and lightning components. You can export content components and layouts and community pages instead of exporting the complete template.

Flow category: It consists of more flows that can bundle group flows into the related business processes.

Custom application: It helps in creating the solutions that are suitable to your business requirements.

Step by step process to build a lightning bolt solution:

Step: 1

Initially, create a community and ensure to make all the required changes you want to make.

Then you must enable communities and select a domain.

Click “Communities Settings” —> Go to “Community” —> Then click “New Community”

Step: 2

Now, export the template of the community. After you’re done with all the changes, ensure to click “Settings” and then click “Developer.” Also, it is essential to fill in all the required details.

Step: 3

It’s time to create Lightning Bolt Solutions.

Bolt Solutions are used to address the requirements of certain functions and industries with business processes and tailored apps.

Go to “Quick find search” —> then click “Lightning Bolt Solution” —> then, you can see a detailed page on the screen, in which you have to enter all the necessary information and details about the Lightning Solution.

Step: 4

You have to select the desired template that you want to export and then click “Finish.”

Lightning Bolt vs. Third-Party Apps: What’s the difference?

If you have been working in the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s difficult for you to figure out the differences between the new Salesforce Lightning Solutions and the third-party applications. In fact, few apps contain similar features to Bolts.

Most Bolts share multiple traits that can be helpful to distinguish them from third-party applications. Initially, they were not used to serving as the stand-alone solution to accomplish certain functions such as business card scanning apps or e-signature plug-ins. Instead, they are accelerators to mesh with other Salesforce functionality in attaining the desired solution. Because of this reason, you don’t have to pay Bolts recurring licensing fees, which means no need to post-install upgrades. Instead of that, you can pay a one-time install fee and then acquire more control over the intellectual property.

In general, Bolts are customizable than other Salesforce applications; For building the blocks, you are given a starting arrangement, but it can be rearranged according to their wish. Finally, as implementation partners tend to create Salesforce Lightning Bolt, you can easily purchase them as part of the broader service management, in which the partners can install the solution and help you customize it as per your needs. If you have a skilled in-house admin team, then you don’t need to do so.

Salesforce Lightning Bolt for your business:

Mainly, there are two benefits of Salesforce Lightning Bolts: They provide you with industry-vetted solutions and save your money. Before the Salesforce Lightning Bolts, if you intend to have an industry-specific solution that was not covered by the standard products of Salesforce, you are probably required to establish it from scratch. It can be done with the help of your partner or by yourself. That takes a lot of money, effort, and time.

It is sure that extra effort can easily translate to a complete customized solution that can be of better quality than a canned product. While building something from scratch, you will get a question in your mind that “Are we implementing it in the right way?” Also, you are curious to know that your tech platform is completely based on industry-wide best practices. That’s what your business gets with the Salesforce Lightning Bolt. 


Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solution is an excellent tool that can be used to change the growth-driven companies’ ability to offer a pleasing and personalized customer experience. Salesforce Lightning Bolt improves the customer experience and enhances user engagement to support your organization. So, why delay? Dive into the world of Salesforce Lightning Bolts and discover the best solution that your business could benefit from.

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