Getting Started With Salesforce CPQ JavaScript Plugin

Want to increase your customer satisfaction rate? Would you like to have a technology that boosts your marketing strategies? Then opting for Salesforce is the right choice! Salesforce has countless benefits that help your company to grow in numerous ways.

Salesforce launched Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in 1999, and this innovation made Salesforce easily accessible. CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) in Salesforce is an extension of the CRM platform that makes the sales process faster and more organized. If you want to develop a flawless customized sales or strategic approach guiding the sales professionals, then using Salesforce CPQ is the best option.

Salesforce CPQ:

Salesforce CPQ is a tool for companies/organizations to provide accurate pricing; CPQ applications take into account customizations, optional features, discounts, and quantities, allowing sales reps to quote prices accurately and quickly. CPQ makes your sales team available on any device and easy to use the software due to its cloud-based platform

Salesforce organizations need to work more efficiently to be profitable. A way to do so would be to look at the basic manufacturing principles, like eliminating waste in production. In order to make the sales process lean, it’s essential to simplify the important processes like submitting proposals are vital. Salesforce CPQ is integrated with CRM, and there’s a need for information sales teams on their mobile devices.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ offers many functionalities over the standard Salesforce quoting like bundling, product rules, and complex discounting. If you’re using Salesforce as a comprehensive business platform, you might need additional functionality to connect your quoting processes in a better way.

What is a plugin in Salesforce?

A plugin is referred to as a built-in interface that helps to process the data. The interface accepts input values and again returns the output back to the flow. Usually, the top-level classes of “Process.Plugin” include:

  • Process.PluginResult
  • Process.PluginRequest and 
  • Process.PluginDescribeResult

JavaScript Quote Calculator Plugin in Salesforce CPQ:

The JavaScript Quote Calculator Plugin (QCP) in Salesforce CPQ helps the Quote Line Editor to:

  • Store maximum values.
  • Calculate the price of all the components.
  • Boost the configurations of existing Salesforce CPQ pricing.
  • Complex and conditional logic or ease the guidelines of complicated product-bundling.
  • Flexibility in managing fields and pricing.

Quote Calculator Plugin Guidelines:

The key guidelines to be followed while planning “Quote Calculator Plugin” scripts are as follows:

Usually, in JavaScript, a “Promise” is an object that allows asynchronous programming in the browser. Also, promises delay a specific action until another action is completed. They support a method “. then(success, failure),” where success means resolving a promise and failure means rejecting the promise. In the plugin, if you want to do any asynchronous programming like “server callout,” then you’ve to return a promise that resolves after the action is completed. It ensures that the steps for calculation occur in the proper way. If you find any method that doesn’t need asynchronous behavior, then you can return a promise that immediately resolves as “return Promise.resolve();”. Promises help resolve a value that passes as one of the parameters to “.then()” callbacks. In your code, you can use this fact, but one thing must be remembered that the promises aren’t required to resolve to a value.

Quote Calculator Plugin Methods:

There are seven “Quote Calculator Plugin Methods.”, here is the list:

Quote Calculator Plugin Methods
  1. oninit: Calls before formula fields are evaluated.
  2. onBeforeCalculate: Calls before calculation begins, but after evaluating formula fields.
  3. onBeforePriceRules: Calls before calculator evaluates price rules.
  4. onAfterPriceRules: calls after the calculator evaluates price rules. 
  5. onAfterCalculate: calls after it completes a calculation but before the formula fields re-evaluation.
  6. isFieldVisible: calls after the calculator completes the calculation.
  7. isFieldEditable: calls after the calculator completes the calculation.

JavaScript Page Security plugin:

It supports four functions. The functions isFieldEditable and isFieldVisible are available in Salesforce CPQ Summer ’15, whereas the functions isFieldEditableForObject and isFieldVisibleForObject are available in CPQ Summer ’19. The Salesforce CPQ hides or locks the chosen fields when a method is using one of these functions.


Nowadays, many companies/organizations are looking forward to implementing Salesforce CPQ as it offers a powerful inbuilt pricing engine that can be customized and configured extensively. The Salesforce CPQ helps in automating pricing and discounts, configuration with guided selling, and one-click quote generation. It also gives the flexibility to add a JavaScript code snippet to attain business logic. The JavaScript can reside in a custom script-managed package object. If you want to increase the Salesforce CPQ pricing configurations and store maximum values, use the JavaScript Quote calculator plugin in Salesforce CPQ.

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