Cope with the COVID-19 Challenges Leveraging RPA

The volume of Covid-19 cases is increasing at an alarming rate, and so is the demand for Covid-19 testing. It has become challenging for healthcare organizations to scale up their testing and reporting capabilities to meet the demand.

RPA has emerged as a life-saver in this challenging situation. Some healthcare organizations have implemented RPA (Robotic Process Automation to eradicate manual testing, pre-screening, and automating test results reporting to facilitate state health agencies in handling the situation more efficiently. It is anticipated that the RPA market will reach $5 billion revenue by 2024 but it looks as if the current COVID-19 pandemic may double these numbers as well.

Any healthcare company can deploy RPA in an application with minimal cost and time, and can quickly scale up its testing, screening, and reporting operations to process thousands of Covid-19 tests daily. AITACS can be your automation partner in this critical time, and can help you ramp up your operations without burning a hole in your pocket.

RPA bots can automate any process of repetitive nature, and can easily adapt to match existing operations. Using this ground-breaking technology, healthcare organizations can –

Automate Pre-screening test

RPA bots can automate the intake forms, validate it, and pre-screen patients who need COVID-19 testing. Furthermore, they will enter data to all data systems in fraction of seconds with absolute efficiency and zero error.

Automate Test Reporting

After pre-screening and testing, RPA bots will automatically send COVID-19 test reports to the state health reporting systems, including patient information, results, and demographics.

Benefits of Using RPA in Healthcare Support-

Apart from the current Covid-19 situation, there are many other benefits of using RPA in general for the healthcare industry to automate any to time-intensive, error-prone activity of repetitive nature. For example,

  • It enables health care firms to serve an overwhelming number of patients instantly
  • It shortens the response time
  • It accelerates testing and pre-screening of patients
  • It helps organizations to update administrative records, automate paperwork, reports, and also manage data on a large scale.
  • It helps organizations overcome supply chain bottlenecks.
  • It takes the load off employees from being overwhelmed with loads of paperwork.
  • RPA can simplify the claim process by automating data input, processing, and evaluation.

Advanced RPA solutions are the most efficient, fast, and flexible solution to handle the workflow challenges during the pandemic.

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